About us

"Halychyna-Zahid" LLC. is a modern agricultural company, with 100% Danish investments. The company is one of initiators and founders of the Association of Pig Breeders in Ukraine; it specializes on breeding and sales of high quality commercial livestock of slaughter pigs with an average weight 110-120 kg and commercial piglets of Duroc, Landrace and Yorkshire trilinear cross hybrid breed with 20-25 kg for feeding.

Family Day in Halychyna-Zahid Ltd.

Sunny summer day of August 26th became much brighter from happy smiles and kids laughter's.Halychyna-Zahid employees and their families celebratedFamily DAY!On this day the territory nearby the company was festive: cheerful atmosphere,music, games, dancing, funny, happy adults and children.The idea of ​​such a holiday was presented by the General director Morten Holm Johansen and  supported by the whole friendly team.Indeed, active rest of the families in the fresh air is  useful and interesting.

Family day holiday is another opportunity to meet together, have fun, talk,and perhaps for some time forget about everyday problems and worries. It is the holidays ,that are becoming a bright and joyous refreshment in the routine everyday life,adding inspiration and positive energy.Shinning eyes, happy smiles were the best gratitude,'cause there is no greater joy than giving joy to relatives and surrounding ones.And  Family Day is another occasion to recall that beside us ,those who are inspiring and  truly love.