About us

"Halychyna-Zahid" LLC. is a modern agricultural company, with 100% Danish investments. The company is one of initiators and founders of the Association of Pig Breeders in Ukraine; it specializes on breeding and sales of high quality commercial livestock of slaughter pigs with an average weight 110-120 kg and commercial piglets of Duroc, Landrace and Yorkshire trilinear cross hybrid breed with 20-25 kg for feeding.

General information

The total area of the household is 412 hectares, where 57 hectares are occupied by stock breeding and managerial utilities, treatment facilities etc. Moreover, "Halychyna-Zahid" LLC. has land shares in lease in several districts of Lviv region, which are planted by crops.

The average number of employees at the enterprise is 220 people, with only 40 employees directly caring for animals. All employees are given full benefits package: a stable salary, food and beverage, and transportation.

Due to advanced technologies and rich experience, its responsible and hardworking staff, "Halychyna-Zahid" LLC. is among ten largest pig producers in Ukraine.

In 2012, according to expert calculations, and in accordance with current standards, the pig complex fed approximately 500 thousand Ukrainians after selling more than 10 Thousand tons of pork. The company's share of producing pork in the region in 2012 was 58%. "Halychyna Zahid" LLC. clients are also meat processing enterprises outside Lviv region, that is Ivano-Frankivsk, Zakarpattia, Zhytomyr and other regions.

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