About us

"Halychyna-Zahid" LLC. is a modern agricultural company, with 100% Danish investments. The company is one of initiators and founders of the Association of Pig Breeders in Ukraine; it specializes on breeding and sales of high quality commercial livestock of slaughter pigs with an average weight 110-120 kg and commercial piglets of Duroc, Landrace and Yorkshire trilinear cross hybrid breed with 20-25 kg for feeding.

"Halychyna-Zahid" LLC has celebrated 10 years' anniversary

On Friday, July 8, our company "Halychyna-Zahid" LLC celebrated 10 years' anniversary. The company's management team expresses its sincere gratitude to all customers, suppliers, employees and simply friends who attended the feast and created so solemn and sincere atmosphere. Also we express particular gratitude to the representatives of regional and district authorities, namely to the Head of the Department of Agricultural Development of Lviv Oblast State Administration Natalia Khmyz and Head of Stryi State Regional Administration Vasyl Zubrytskiy. Thank you for warm congratulations, wishes of further development, implementation of all projects and success.

The celebration started with a brief excursion into the history of the company, which had been conducted by "Halychyna-Zahid" LLC CEO Morten Holm Johansen. His speech had been supplemented by Chairman Anders Gundersen and CEO First Deputy Talama Andriy. Afterwards musical performance and tasty food waited on the audience.

Investors, on behalf of Chairman Anders Gundersen, assured that we won't stop and continue expanding production performance.