The company's activity covers the total life cycle of pigs growing starting from insemination and ending with selling slaughter pigs with an average weight 110-120 kg.

At the end of 2015 we were in a full cycle of 5200 sows and cultivating nearly 4600 ha of arable land in 11 villages of Lviv region.

Feed production

"Halychyna Zahid" LLC. has its own feed mill with the capacity of 130 tons per day that fully meets the needs of the household. Feed is being produced with the use of most modern equipment with automatic program control.

Approximately 50% of raw materials for the feed are grown on company's leased fields. And the rest is purchased from specialized farms.

"Halychyna Zahid" LLC. also owns and operates a newly built silo with the capacity of 16 thousand tons of grain. To maintain the yield excess moisture is removed through special drying techniques. Some components that are critical in the feed are being purchased directly from Denmark, because sometimes it is very difficult to find quality products in Ukraine.

It should be noted that for each group of animals a group of consultants from Denmark have developed a special ration of feed that optimally provides for all the needs of pigs at each stage of breeding according to the recipes.

Since the composition of raw materials is not constant, to ensure that all indicators of feed meet the ration that was in the recepie - there is a laboratory on site in the mill where trained professionals daily analysethe main ingredients in order to get the best results possible in the fnished feed. In addition, in 2011 the laboratory invested into equipment that measures the levels of mycotoxins in cereal crops, which is critical to getting the best results possible.

It is noteworthy that the "Halychyna Zahid" company does not use genetically modified feed and hormone supplements while manufacturing the feed.

Purebred animals

Sow farm

Weaning stable

Availability of modern equipment, high quality technology, sufficient area of production facilities and the presence of professional staff allow for constant increase of production capacity. Thus, the number of animals on weaning stable increased from 7,700 pigs in 2008 to 25,000 pigs in 2015.

Increase in the number of piglets at weaning stable

weaning stable

Piglets are placed in groups of 25 animals in common boxes/pens in the weaning stable.

At this stage, the main goal is to obtain the daily gain in body weight of piglets within 450-500 grams. To achieve these results, special feed is used and a special type of feeding, the so-called "libitum feeding" is practiced.

Fattener stable

Every year the company is expanding by increasing livestock and constructing new production facilities. Specifically, compared to 2008, as of 31.12.2015 the number of fattening pigs more than doubled (see the chart).

The specific features of technology used for fattening pigs at "Halychyna Zahid" are the use of liquid feed. Furthermore, it should be noted that the whole process, that is preparing feedstuffs, quantification of food served in a certain box and defining time of feeding is performed automatically and controlled by the computer.

"Good genes", advanced technology of fattening and balanced feed provide for daily gain in body weight of 900-1,000 gram sending with a slaughter weight 110-120kg.

The company policy is to not use any genetically modified feed, growth promoter and hormone supplements while feeding animals. 

Increase in the number of fattening pigs


Purebred animals. Boars

All boars whose sperm is used to inseminate sows are brought from Denmark.

As of 31.12.2015 "Halychyna Zahid" kept 48 boars whose sperm was used for artificial insemination of approximately 5200 sows.

In order to renew the herd, every year a new group of young male pigs of Landrace, Duroc and Yorkshire breed is brought.

Semen is collected in accordance with orders from the insemination stable and according to the collection plan. The equipment for collecting, researching, breeding and dosage of sperm is sterile and disposable.

Purebred animals. Gilts

To be able to increase the number of pigs for sale, one of the areas of "Halychyna Zahid" LLC. is to increase the breeding stock, that is, to breed purebred sows.

Increase in breeding sows

 Increase in breeding sows

The process of breeding and selection of sows is extremely important, as strong and healthy sows are the key to obtaining sizeable, strong and healthy herds.

The entire scope of work associated with caring and selecting future breeding sows is performed by most experienced and responsible employees under the constant supervision of Danish technologist.

Sow farm. Insemination

"Halychyna Zahid" practices exclusively artificial insemination of sows. This method is economically more advantageous than natural insemination; in addition, it allows for constant monitoring of the quality of sperm.

Extreme focus is placed on the sows' health status. It is generally known that only a healthy mother can bring healthy offspring.

Modern material and technical base, proper planning and labour organization on the part of administration combined with the careful work performance by the personnel provide for achieving the level of sows fertility of 90% on average.

Sow farm. Pregnant sows

The pregnancy period is three months, three weeks and three days amounting to 115 days (+ / - 5 days).

Careful treatment of sows as well as strict observance of animal breeding and maintenance procedures leads to high results. As of 2015 the farm reached the indicator of approximately 2.32 farrowings per sow per year, and the average number of live-born piglets per farrowing was 15.4.

Sow farm. Farrowing stable

We are ensuring that about a week before the expected date of farrowing, sows are transferred into a clean, disinfected, dry and specially equipped stable with individual boxes.

Boxes for sows' farrowing are designed so that they can be easily driven apart depending on the size of the animal. Also, sows can easily turn in the box from side to side not hurting piglets.

The proper care of newborn piglets is the key to a strong and healthy livestock.