Who we are

Halychyna Zahid LLC is a major agricultural company in the L'viv Region of Western Ukraine. Based on Danish expertise and Ukrainian craftsmanship, we raise and feed pigs in a sustainable work process to produce high quality pork for consumers in Ukraine.


View of the farm complex, November 2018.

We are among the ten biggest pig farms in Ukraine, producing more than 190,000 pigs anually - enough pork to feed more than three quarters of a million consumers in mainly Western Ukraine. Our premises cover a total of 412 hectares, and we cultivate more than 5,600 hectares of land planted with crops.

We employ around 270 people at our farm facilities. Some 70 of them are caring directly for the pigs, most however are performing in the fields,  handling our high-performance equipment, producing fodder for the pigs in our feed mill, doing construction work, or work in the offices.

We deliver products for meat processing enterprises in the L'viv Region and surrounding Regions.