Work with us

Halychyna Zahid is widely regarded as a good place to work. We offer competitive and attractive terms of employment, advantageous staff benefits, and good opportunities for development.


We offer a work place with attractive conditions.

Our employees are vital to us at Halychyna Zahid. We want our company to continue being an attractive, exciting, and involving workplace for all present and future employees.

Credibility, trust and integrity are the basis for a constructive partnership. We comply with - as a minimum – Ukrainian legal requirements, relevant guidelines, and the spirit set forth in the principles of UN Global Compact.

We focus on creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. In practice, it also means that we maintain certain rules at our premises, to prevent the herd from being infected with diseases. For instance, farm employees are not allowed to keep pigs at home because they could be potential carriers of contagious diseases. Nor can you bring meat products to our premises, and no pork dishes from outside are served in our canteens.

Such rules are natural measurements to protect the purity of the pigs. Apart from that the essential rules are that we all treat each other decently and with dignity!