Working the farm

We provide the best possible conditions for breeding pigs, and we supply increasing amounts of pigs to be sold as high quality pork to the consumers of Ukraine. High quality pork is the result of a work process where we control all elements ourselves, from the crops in the fields, to caring for the pigs, and to the organic use of manure. Therefore, we do not hesitate to say: This is the best pork you can get!

It’s all about the people

Care is a keyword for everybody working at Halychyna Zahid. We all share the same goal: to make the farm grow so we can continue to produce pork of the highest quality. Knowing what you are doing – and why – is essential to the work process. Each employee knows that his or her work is just as important as the work of the colleagues in the work cycle. We all rely on each other, with trust and dedication.


The feed: You are what you eat! 

We have about 5,600 hectares of land at our disposal in the local area, an immense increase compared to when the farm was started in 2007. The major types of crops grown are winter and spring barley, winter rapeseed, winter wheat, corn, soya, and sugar beets.

We use manure as a main fertilizer, an organic method that goes back to the Medieval Ages and even beyond. Manure is our free biological fertilizer, which we put directly onto the soil from the enclosed manure storage tank, through an advanced system of pipes and hoses.

When fertilizing the soil, our company strictly adheres to the norms of manure application in line with European standards and recommendations prepared by "Oblderzhrodyuchist" Center, L'viv State Regional Project and Technological Center for Soil Fertility and Production Quality.


Balanced feed from the Mill

Our feed mill has a capacity of 200 tons per day that fully meets the needs of the farm. On site in the laboratory trained professionals daily analyse the main nutritional ingredients in order to optimize the blend. In addition, with advanced equipment the laboratory staff measures the levels of energy, protein and toxins, such as mycotoxins, which is critical to getting the best results possible.